O-N is an architecture and design studio established in 2019. Testing, learning, and play are critical to how we design. We value immersion in complex problems, often relating to our perceived understandings of form. We are interested in solutions which evoke both the familiar and the strange, and we are optimistic that a wide angle of of design solutions can lead to a better view of the world.

Our practice is based in New York, with current projects across the US. 

Irene Chung

Irene (she/her) is a partner at O-N. She dedicates time to thinking about how we can create spaces that show care for people and can facilitate their goals and aspirations. She co-founded O-N with the ideology that care and mindfulness for our clients’ goals are paramount to good, thoughtful design.

Irene’s background in strategy and operations at Data & Society Research Institute (D&S)—an independent, nonprofit research institute that works to illuminate the social and cultural implications of data-centric technologies and automation. This work has trained her to make visible underlying values that drive intention for design, and to challenge clients’ assumptions of design solutions. With that, she is committed to designing a space that is true to the clients’ values, while operating with a sense of playfulness to make rigorous design accessible to a broader community. 

Irene graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in Anthropology and Psychology.


Davis Owen, AIA

Davis Owen (he/him) is a licensed architect and partner at O-N.

He earned his Masters of Architecture with Distinction at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to forming O-N, he was a designer at Deborah Berke Partners, working on projects for significant US institutions. He trained at offices in Paris and Rotterdam. In Paris with Philippe Rahm Architectes, Davis contributed to the design and construction management of the Jade Eco Park. In Rotterdam at AMO, he participated in the “Countryside: The Future” research. This work was later exhibited at the Guggenheim New York and reprinted in “Countryside, a Report.”

He has taught at Washington University in St. Louis and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

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